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Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda

People's Republic of China

Ambassador’s message:


Dear Friends,

I am honored and pleased to welcome you to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda to the People’s Republic of China, in Beijing. May I offer my warmest greetings to all friends of Rwanda and Rwandans living in China, North Korea, Pakistan and Vietnam as well as all esteemed visitors to this website.

Rwanda is an exceptionally beautiful country situated at the convergence of the Eastern and Central African regional blocks and can as well be said to be “the heart of Africa”. Anyone visiting Rwanda is in for a multitude of surprises. The early European explorers and missionaries called Rwanda “the land of milk and honey” owing to their encounter with the famous majestic long horned cattle and the prevalence of bee farming. Others have yet called Rwanda “the land of a thousand hills” due to its rugged and hilly characteristics. Today Rwanda retains the serenity and charm observed by the early foreign visitors and more.

For potential investors, Rwanda offers security and other factors including the World Bank acclaimed ease of doing business. Rwanda was named global 46th and continental 3rd, by the World Bank Doing Business Report of 2015 and boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world and the most clean capital on the continent of Africa.

The country offers a wide range of investment opportunities in areas such as agriculture, agro- processing, energy, ICT, mining, tourism, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure development, real estate and leather processing among others. Moreover, Rwanda’s strategic location and her zero-tolerance on corruption, makes her an ideal commercial base for servicing markets in the central and East African region.

At this site, you will find information about Rwanda’s government, economy, history, culture as well as its relationship with the People’s Republic of China, Cambodia, Leos, North Korea and Vietnam. This website provides relevant and up-to-date information about Rwanda and the services provided by the embassy related to consular services, trade and investment, tourism and information and news on Rwanda.

We are keen to meet with all those who are interested in Rwanda or need help in getting up-to-date and accurate information about the country and its people. My message to my fellow Rwandans, friends of Rwanda and distinguished visitors, is that the Ambassador and indeed the entire Embassy Staff are at your service. We will be pleased to hear from you and serve you any time you need us. We are here for you.

I thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Rwanda.


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