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Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda

People's Republic of China

National Symbols and National Anthem

National Coat of Arm

National Flag


Beautiful Rwanda

1.     Oh beautiful Rwanda, our country

Land of hills, lakes and volcanoes

Be blessed our motherland

Let us laud you and proclaim your greatness

You who brought us forth and keep us together

Be gracious, live long and always be praiseworthy


2.     God be with you, our precious heritage

What we owe you is beyond measure

Our common culture is our identity

Our language unites us all

Let our minds, hearts and vigour enrich you

So that you may forever advance


3.     Our valiant forefathers

Gave the best of themselves

To make you a great nation

You fought foreign domination

That befell our Africa

Independence was your prize

And we will all defend it


4.     Stay the course our beloved Rwanda

For you we are ready to make the sacrifice

So peace may reign among your people

So you may live in unlimited freedom

May you be renowned for your zeal,

May you forge a head

May you live in harmony with all nations

And may dignity be your strength. 

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